Style of South-West wines
In red, rosé, dry white, sweet or sparkling, the wine heritage includes more than thirty appellations (or their variations), as well as a notable production of local wines. This reveals the originality, strength and tradition of the South-West.

By its name alone, the South-West is not a simple but complex region: in fact, it is by default the way of presenting all the vineyards south of an imaginary line linking Bordeaux to Montpellier, in excluding Bordeaux and Languedoc. Rather than sub-regions, therefore, we could rather speak of small autonomous vineyards, which is also the case at the level of the numerous inter-professional organizations which manage the region. We can thus distinguish the vineyards of Gaillac, Fronton, Cahors, Madiran, Jurançon, Irouléguy, Bergerac, Duras, Marmande, Marcillac, without forgetting the countless IGP produced in the sector.

2016 Le Petit Clos - 2nd vin du Clos Triguedina Cahors

2016 Le Petit Clos - 2nd vin du Clos Triguedina Cahors
Le Petit Clos - 2nd wine of Clos Triguedina  South-West - Cahors AOP The Baldes family built the Clos Triguedina by passing down know-how, emotions and passions from father to son. Their pioneering temperament identifies them as one of the founding families of the Cahors appellation.
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