2011 Pinot Noir Clos de Lupé Lupé Cholet

Pinot Noir Clos de Lupé Lupé Cholet
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Burgundy red Clos de Lupe

The vineyard is the unique "Clos" inside Nuits-Saint-Georges city. It is 1.8954 ha (4.66 acres) and the average age of the vines is 40 years old. The soil is mainly limestone and clay.

Grape variety 100% Pinot Noir.

Vinification Manually harvested in 30 kgs crates, the grapes are sorted on arrival and emptied into the vats by gravity. Fermentary maceration lasts 19 to 24 days in conical oak vats.
Temperature control allows work of the wine in two phases : he first to bring out the fruit of pinot noir between 15 and 25°C, the second to obtain body and tannin between 28 and 35°C. Daily punching of cap is adapted according to the state of maceration and extraction. De-vatting is manual ( without pumping). Pressing is done at low pressure in one go to avoid manipulation of grapes and over extraction of tannin.

Maturation The wine is run into barrel by gravity after 8 to 24 hours only of sedimentation to conserve a maximum of fine lees. Maturation happens in oak casks, of which 20 to 40%
are new according to the quality potential of each vintage. "Batonnage" (stirring up of fine lees) takes place in order to develop aromatic complexity and encourage natural clarification processes. Time of maturation is 16 months in order to express the fruity
aromas of the wine. It varies from one vintage to another. This type of maturation on lees allows us to bottle the wine without fining or filtration, thus keeping natural expression of the «terroir».