Marc de Bourgogne Out of Age D. Capitain Gagnerot

Marc de Bourgogne Egrappé Hors dAge D. Capitain Gagnerot
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Marc-de-Bourgogne is an eau-de-vie made from the distillation of grape marc. Measuring 40% of the volume in alcohol, it benefits from a controlled designation of origin since a decree of March 17, 20111.

“Destemmed marc” is produced with grapes from which the stalk has been removed. The grape marc is distilled according to the multistage discontinuous distillation process using stills made up of distillation vessels and concentration columns. The stills used consist of a maximum of three vessels with successive loading and a maximum of three concentration columns mounted in series. The distillation vessels are made of copper. They each have a maximum volume of 630 liters and are heated over an open flame or by steam injection

The marc is traditionally a digestive. It must be virile without aggressiveness with fat to bring sweetness in the mouth, herbaceous, spicy notes, slightly fruity aromas with hints of caramel. It is characterized by an amber yellow color. It can also be consumed in cocktails, with blackcurrant, the "mixed-cass". It is used in the refinement of Époisses and in certain cooking recipes in which it enhances the elegance of the dishes: tartare with marc, quail with marc, frozen soufflé with marc, beef à la Bourguignonne marinated in wine and marc. ....