Beaune Burgundy


The rarer white wines are made from Chardonnay. And the red wines of Beaune are made from pinot noir.The expression of Beaune wines is often very different, each wine, red or white, has its own character here. In the north, the wines are intense while in the south, they are more supple and rounder. They deserve to be tasted young, on the fruit. After 3 to 5 years of aging, they will develop fat and soft. The red wines are quite powerful and have a rich aromatic palette, supported by quite elegant tannins. Often full-bodied and spicy, these are wines that keep well and can, even for some, wait 20 years.

2017 Domaine Chanson - Red Beaune 1er Cru Champimonts

Burgundy - Beaune 1er Cru AOP
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