Chorey les Beaune

The grape variety used in the development of this white appellation is Chardonnay; Pinot Noir expresses itself in the reds.The privileged location of the vines prevents them from suffering from water stress, and gives light wines that lose none of their fruitiness. The bouquet of red fruits is dominated by sour cherries, and on the palate, their tannins are present and their texture is silky. These are rather tasty wines, which age well, evolving into strawberry jam and gingerbread, even leather for the best vintages. The rare whites express white flowers, hazelnut and lemongrass from their grape variety. Young, they are quite lively, but with age, they develop a tasty and persistent fat.

2020 Dominique Laurent Chorey-lès-Beaune

Burgundy - Côte de Beaune-Villages AOP
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