(Damaged label) - 12%

2017 Meursault les Champs Lins Vincent Girardin (Damaged label)

Meursault Les Vincent Girardin
Old vines
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2017 Meursault  les Champs Lins Vincent Girardin (Damaged label)

(Damaged label) - 12%

This is a rich wine with mineral notes, toasted hazelnuts and almonds. It has a nice balance between smoothness and freshness. In the mouth, it is long and structured.

Grape: Chardonnay
Taste and flavor: Tender and full
Alcohol content: 13°
Allergen: Sulphites, Casein (from milk), Gluten

service tip
Serve the wine between 11 and 13°C, with asparagus, sweetbreads, Indian cuisine, eggs, foie gras, or as a dessert with pear tarts and cheeses such as Bleu de Bresse.