2022 Domaine de Lucie Saint-Amour Beaujolais

Domaine de Lucie Saint-Amour
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The wine is light, fresh and chiseled, with aromas of fresh fruit and hints of violets. It is a twirling and lively Saint-Amour.

Grape: Gamay
Taste and flavor: Light and fruity
Alcohol content: 13°
Allergen: Sulphites

service tip
Serve at 13-15°C. To be enjoyed with beef bourguignon, stew, rack of lamb or coq au vin.

Saint-Amour is the northernmost cru of Beaujolais, located in Saône-et-Loire. Domaine Sainte Lucie was created in 1979 by Michel Fabre, whose modern approach to wine combines a unique technique and the preservation of the authenticity of the estate.Its hillsides are gently sloping, oriented East-South-East towards the nearby Saône and the altitude varies from 250 to 470 meters.

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